Terry’s Treats

Due to overwhelming popular demand, Terry is now baking cookies for you! She makes delicious wheat-free and non-dairy almond macaroons in a variety of flavors: Citrus, Citrus Raspberry Center, Chocolate Dipped, Citrus Cardamom, Chocolate Bomb and Spicy Chile Chocolate Bomb. We can’t officially call them gluten-free or dairy-free for now, because she bakes them in a kitchen that also uses wheat and dairy, but they are, and they don’t taste gluten free.

They are all-natural and made with the finest of ingredients: almonds, fresh eggs, organic sugar, natural flavors, and Callebaut Belgian chocolate. They don’t have any artificial flavoring, preservatives, or coloring.

She will bake them fresh to order and ship them anywhere in the USA. If you are in the local Los Angeles area, she will deliver them for you. If you insist, she will even eat them for you, or I will eat them for you upon special request. You can order gift baskets for the holidays or any occasion in any combination and size.

email her at: terrystreatsla@gmail.com for pricing and ordering information.

Here are some pictures.

Hot Eddie’s favorites are the Spicy Chile Chocolate, (naturally) and the Chocolate Dipped. They are all yummy – not too sweet, chewy, fudgey, almondy, fruity, spicy, and perfect for afternoon tea, after dinner, or just with a cup of coffee. They make great gifts; after all, who doesn’t like cookies?

Order a dozen or two and taste the unique flavor of cookies baked with love.

Photography by Ed Colman ©2014


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