New Terry’s Treats Varieties

We work tirelessly at Terry’s Treats to bring you the best ultra-premium cookies for the most discriminating palate. Here are a couple of new varieties that are getting rave reviews from everyone. We have some other unique flavors currently in development, stay tuned.

Like all of Terry’s cookies, these are gluten-free, dairy-free, and contain no artificial anything. 

All of Terry’s Treats are available in our Etsy shop.

Walnut Brownie Bombs


The Original Chocolate Bomb smothered in chopped walnuts for a nutty fudgy treat. This was made for a friend who loves nuts. Everyone who tried them loved them too, so here they are.


Mocha Mambos


Chocolate bombs rolled in pure freshly ground organic coffee. My new favorite.


Order up a couple of dozen or send a beautiful gift basket to someone you love.



WARNING: These are all dangerously delicious and habit forming. It may be difficult to stop eating them.

Happy Holidays to all from Hot Eddie’s and Terry’s Treats


One thought on “New Terry’s Treats Varieties

  1. Love, love the Mocha Mambos and my husband is a big fan of the Spicy Chile Chocolate. Terry’s cookies are not only super tasty, but the perfect size for a gourmet cookie. We are enjoying our second order and loving these cookies here on the East Coast.

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