A Glimpse into Hot Eddie’s Fridge

I have scaled back, somewhat, my collection of hot sauces in recent years. Here is a snapshot of my ‘salsa shelf’. “Why so many?” you might ask. Well, different flavors for different cuisines.

In the back is a bottle of Crystal hot sauce for gumbo, Jambalaya and other Cajun/Creole dishes, and hiding back there is a bottle of Tapatio for Mexican food. Then comes two different versions of my homemade sriracha. Each made with a slightly different blend of home grown peppers and differing proportions of vinegar and sugar. I’ll post a recipe for this soon. In the front is a shaker bottle of Hawaiian Chili Water, commercial sriracha, a habanero sauce, and a bottle of homemade tabasco made with a blend of chile peppers. In the way back you can see a couple of bags filled with red habanero and orange African Fatalii peppers waiting to be transformed into a Bajan hot mustard sauce with onions, garlic and carrots. I’ll let you know how that comes out. hotsauce


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